Five Wrestling Reasons to Own a Nintendo 64

It’s Wrestlemania season, fellow frogs, so let’s talk about grapplin’ games! The Roger has come back, and he’s got the first ever Five Reasons Wrestlemania episode with him. And what other system could it be? It’s got to be the N64!

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  1. great vid….man, why haven’t they made an updated version of the AKI game engine for the newer systems…

  2. I owned and played the shit out of Wrestlemania 2000 back in the day. Poured WAY too many hours into that game. I owned No Mercy later on as well, and while it had some noticeable improvements, I always felt WM2K was the overall better game.

    Having said that, trying to go back and play those games now, after years later pouring more ridiculous hours into “Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain” on PS2, it’s hard to go back, as Wrestlemania 2000 by comparison now, is slow and clunky. Still a very good wrestling game for it’s time.

    Consequently, I stopped renting/playing new WWE games, around the time they went in the “Raw vs. Smackdown” direction. They seemed to lose something along the way, with better graphics, but lesser content. I haven’t really tried any of the “2K” series, so perhaps one of those struck some right chords. But then again, WWE’s actual TV content over the last many years has gone downhill too, so a lot of the appeal has worn off as well.

    • I honestly think WM2000 is inferior in literally every way to No Mercy. From the roster to the feature set, match types, moves available, etc. WM2000 is the lesser game, in my opinion.

      Here Comes the Pain is good, but I still like the slower pace of the AKI games. I feel like that’s closer to what a wrestling match is really like.

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