Tiny Toons NES Pt. 1: The Looney Beginning


Well now, it’s time to share a little something different. Ever try to play a game when you really aren’t in the mood, or not fully in the right mindframe to be playing it? Well, that’s what happened with this, one of the earlier Youtube game playthroughs. We had just spent time (we thought) recording what honestly was a pretty great playthrough of the second Capcom Mickey game on SNES. And then we realized that we had accidentally NOT been recording the video, only audio, of the entire thing! Sufficed to say, we were really bummed out, but we had already planned on me trying to do Tiny Toon Adventures for NES that day as well, so we soldiered ahead, when we honestly shouldn’t have.

And the following episodes, in all of their gamer rage and hilarity, is what ensued…


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  1. Man, re spawning enemies suck.

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