Disney Afternoon Collection Sounds Great



So Disney Afternoon Collection, a collection of 6 classic NES Capcom Disney games is coming April 18th for $19.99 USD. Sounds great, should be a nice collection with hd upscaling, challenges etc. like the Megaman Collection. I am waiting on a switch version, but this is good news!

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  1. fingers crossed for a physical copy

  2. Pretty good deal, but those old NES games belong on a Nintendo system as well. IE they need to at least come out for Switch.

  3. I may hold out a bit for a physical copy, but it will be nice to finally try out Tale Spin.

  4. In my area they had all of these cartoons on tv but they were on in the morning and they called it “KD Toon Time” So while I have seen all of the 4 shows in the game collection, and some others like Goof Troop and Bonkers, the title will never resonate with me.

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