Woodyman’s Backloggery: Introduction

​​It’s been a long time coming, but now I am back!

As some of you may know, over a year ago I retired from blogging. It was eating too much into my real job, social life, and especially into my gaming. I felt like I was writing more about games than playing games.

Nevertheless, I decided to return with a brand new series…

Woodyman’s Backloggery!

In my years of gaming there are many games that I purchased and never beat. In fact as of writing this introduction there are 286 games on handheld, console, and PC. I decided I wanted to play them all, and do quick reviews of them all. That’s where this blog comes in.

Now there are some RULES about my backlog.

  • Every game I own and never beat was placed into a random list maker.
  • I MUST beat the games in order decided by the random list maker.
  • I can only skip RPGs because they take a long time (but I must still beat them in order)
  • I can’t skip any other game.
  • If I buy another game, it gets put in a random place in the list.
  • If I get a new game I REALLY wanna play, I can make it next in the list.
  • Games in a series (ie Halo) were placed in order from first to last.

I think that’s it.

I’m currently creating a backlog on backloggery.com, but until then…. here are all the games on my backlog as of today!


That means the first review is Kirby: Planet Robobot!

Stay tuned next Sunday for the blog!

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  1. Glad to see your back. Already looking forward to a lot of these, like Doom.

  2. Can’t wait man. Cheers.

  3. Quality backlog for quality blogging! Excellent.

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