Mortal Kombat II’s Secret Fergality Finishing Move (and Cheat Mode!) – Greatest Cheats In Videogames

Think you’ve seen every one of Mortal Kombat’s grisly, gory Fatalities? Well you probably haven’t, because here is a Mortal Kombat finishing move that is completely unique to the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Mortal Kombat II – The Fergality!

In this video, find out exactly how to execute this very special Fatality (and as a bonus, find out how to unlock the Mortal Kombat II Test Menu, as well!)

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  1. Fergus McGovern was hidden in other Probe titles, including Die Hard Trilogy on Playstation and J-League Soccer on Super NES. (That particular code needs a Hudson multi-tap to perform…)

  2. I was never aware of this….wow, good work, good sir

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