Retro News Round Up – March 2017

In this month’s round up Castlevania gets the TV treatment, the Watara Supervision gets reborn (kind of), and the Wii U gets one last retro hurrah.

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This episode’s links:

Kickstarter For a reprint of the Sega Mega Drive: Collected Works:

Blocked Kickstarter for the Neo Geo Anthology:

Digitised code wheels:

Watara Supervision emulator called the Wataroo:

Unofficial HD remake of Prince of the Yolkfolk for the PC:

NES Classic Mini supply drying up?

More on the Retroblox system:

Indiegogo page for the Atari Table Pong project:

Backlit Game Boy Colors on the Chinese online retailer TaoBao:

All the entrants on the Amiga Game Jam:

Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls on the ZX Spectrum:

Foggy’s Quest to Narg and Back Again on the ZX Spectrum:

Metal Man Remixed on the ZX Spectrum:

Hanoi for the Atari Lynx:

Meteor Wave for the Vic-20:

Tetris on the Commodore 64:

Zero and the Castle of Infinite Sadness for the MSX:

Kickstarter for Unholy Knight on the SNES:

Crowdfunding for the Banketh on the NES:

Patreon page for Reshoot R for the Amiga:

Footage of N64 third person shooter Riqa:

Download Quik the Thunder Rabbit for the SNES:

Download Primal Rage 2 through MAME:

More of those MAME goodies I mentioned:

Fan translation of Detective Conan: The Legendary Treasure of Strange Rock Island on the Game Boy Color:

Fan translation of Gun-Nac on the NES:

Fan translation of Virtual Fishing on the Virtual Boy:

Fan translation of Glory of Heracles IV: Gift from the Gods on the SNES:

Fan translation of Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo for the Game Boy Advance:

Fan translation of Godzilla Monster of Monsters for the NES:

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