Game That Tune Episode 51 & 52!

Hey everyone! New episodes of Game That Tune come out every Wednesday morning, I just frequently forget to post about them here! You can find them on iTunes or at our site,

Episode 51 is all about “One too many” games! Basically, questionable entries in some beloved series!

Episode 52 is a flashback to games previously featured on the show. Since we only use 3 songs from each game, there’s tons of great music that we haven’t used yet, so here’s some of it!

Once you’ve listened to the podcast on Wednesday morning, you’re ready for our live show on Wednesday night! We record live at 9 PM EST and broadcast on TwitchFacebook , Twitter, and YouTube! This week’s show is all NES music, so join us for some great chiptunes! Also, we love getting requests, so send them to us at or find us on Twitter!

-John H.

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