Game That Tune Episode 49 & 50! Also, an announcement!

Hey gang, a quick update to the Game That Tune release schedule! We’re now confident enough in our computer setups to go from live show to podcast in under a week, so we’re changing our podcast releases from Mondays to Wednesdays!

This means you can theoretically listen to the newest podcast on Wednesday morning and get in a last minute request for the live recording that takes place Wednesday night on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

It also means that this week, there are two new episodes of the podcast!

Episode 49: Indie Games

Episode 50: Number twos! (direct sequels)

Also, it means that when we post our new episode here we can tell you the theme for tonight’s show! This week’s theme is a bit abstract, “One game too many” so we’ll have strange entries in long running series, shark-jumping (boulder-punching?) moments, weird spinoffs, games that never should’ve been made, series killers and our usual onslaught of nonsense. Hope to see you in our chat!

-John H.

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