Thank You, Dad

On Comments and Compliments Day, I want to say thank you to my dad.

It was my parents – and grandparents – who bought our first computer, a Commodore 64.

It was my dad who gave my brother and I money towards our first disk drive.

It was my dad who encouraged me to get into programming, helping me type in listings from the user manual.

It was my dad who joined in first, playing games with us. He loved the Hot Dog Aerials event from Winter Games, and enjoyed many rounds of golf on Leaderboard. (My mum became addicted to Tetris, but that’s another story…)

It was my dad who drove us into town so we could buy new games, like the time we dashed to the shops after school so we could get The Sentinel (The Sentry in the US) soon after it launched.

It was my dad who rented a portable colour TV so I could have the C64 set up permanently, instead of hijacking the TV in the lounge.

It was my dad who encouraged me into writing, and supported me for years when work was hard to come by.

It was my dad who helped set up my new computer room, packed with games and consoles.

It was my dad who took me to and picked me up from retro events, and picked up friends when they came to visit.

So thank you Dad.
This week I have the sad duty of speaking at his funeral, after his sudden death at the age of 70. He is deeply missed.

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  1. Sorry for you loss, Merman. Your dad seemed like a cool guy.

  2. From someone who more or less grew up without parents, I think I can say with some authority, that everyone deserves a GOOD mom and dad. Sounds like you had ’em. I’m glad that you got those awesome memories with him, man. RIP to a cool sounding dude.

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