Game That Tune January Round Up!

Hey guys, it’s been a busy month for all of us at Game That Tune, so I haven’t been pushing the individual episodes here as much as I’d like, but here’s a rundown of what’s been recently released!

Episode 48: Games from 1997

Episode 47: Free play!

Episode 46: Head to head Holiday Championship 

As always, if you want to skip around, listen on iTunes or the podcast app and there are handy chapters! As long as you’re on iTunes, maybe consider giving the show a review, we always appreciate those. If you want to hear a game on the show, email us or find us on Twitter @GTTPod

Our show broadcasts live every Wednesday night at 9 PM EST! You can check it out on Twitch and on our Facebook page! Tune in, play along, chat it up with us and the other viewers, we’d love to hear from you!

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