Game That Tune’s end of 2016 mixtapes!

Hey everyone! Game That Tune hasn’t been posted here in quite some time, so I decided that 2017 is the year to change that! I’m really looking forward to some great engagement with the Skirmish Frogs community and to another fun year of making a silly video game music podcast! So, normally our show is a guessing game with a lot of nonsense, but when the whole crew can’t record, we crank out a mixtape, so naturally that’s what we did for the holidays.

Our newest episode is our best of 2016 mixtape, featuring music from 14 of our favorite games of the year.

Before that, we put together a winter mix, with all music from ice levels. 

You can find all of our episodes at as well as on iTunes. We broadcast  the show live on Wednesday nights, 9 PM EST on Twitch and Facebook. We love getting requests and any feedback on the show is appreciated. Here’s to a great new year!

-John H.


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A lifelong fan of all things Nintendo and most things video game related! You can follow me on twitter @Jgangsta187 and catch me each week on Game That Tune, the video game music guessing game podcast!

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  1. sweet dude, good on you…keep up that gamer positivity 🙂

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