Community 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17

Hello everyone, time for day 17!

Day 1 – Very First Video Game
Day 2 – Your Favorite Character
Day 3 – A Game that is Underrated
Day 4 – Your Guilty Pleasure Game
Day 5 – Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 6 – Most Annoying Character
Day 7 – Favorite Game Couple
Day 8 – Best Soundtrack
Day 9 – Saddest Game Scene
Day 10 – Best Gameplay
Day 11 – Gaming System of Choice
Day 12 – A Game Everyone Should Play
Day 13 – A Game You’ve Played more than 5 times
Day 14 – Current (or most recent) Gaming Wallpaper
Day 15 – Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now
Day 16 – Game with the Best Cut Scenes
Day 17 – Favorite Antagonist

Other than fodder enemies, we have the antagonist of the game. Often the antagonist is the reason why we are in a quest or saving the world in the first place. Who is your favorite antagonist?

As usual, links above take you to previous posts. That’s all for now, so see you again for day 18!

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Hi I'm Captain N. I love Nintendo but love playing anything the industry has to offer as long as I can play it. Whether it's pixels or polygons, as long as it's entertaining and fun, chances are I'll like it. Oh and as long as it isn't a glitchtastic bugfest.


  1. Dr. willy & Bowser , hands down

  2. Way behind on these, but I’ll try to answer this one at least.

    Fawful from the Mario & Luigi series. Genius, megalomaniac, good showman, and just the right touch of insanity. (Seriously on the showmanship. Along with outfits and how his plans are executed, he literally forces Bowser to fight on a stage while a crowd of hypnotized Koopas watches at one point.)

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