Kid Icarus 30th Anniversary is TODAY!

December 19th! It’s an oft-forgotten date in gaming history, but an important one, and its here once again. 30 years ago today (if you are reading this on 12/19)Kid Icarus was released in Japan where it was called 光神話パルテナの鏡 (Hikari Shinwa Palutena no Kagami)

Kid Icarus has a bit of a rebirth with recent re-issues on Virtual Console, and most recently included on NES Mini. As well as inclusion in recent Smash Bros. games and his own 3DS game, Uprising.

This video takes a look at the original game development, where the game had many roadblock, including most of the staff going on vacation while one man stayed behind working on it. Also the video takes a look at a secret experience point system in Kid Icarus that can help you or hurt you, and changed the ending, depending on how well you play. The only problem is that no one really knows it was there!

Lastly there is the influence of Greek mythology. The game based on both the myths of Icarus and Perseus. But there are also Japanese influences too. Most notably the god of poverty, from the game, is a real deity and even have a shrine in Japan!

There’s a whole lot more wrapped up in a 20 minute mini-doc. So Cook up some eggplants before you endure this harsh training and enjoy Pit’s 30th birthday!

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  1. I think I tweeted at you before but I just wanted to say I loved this video again!

  2. yea no problem! Find me on twitter and we can talk more. I love using arranged game music in videos. I wanted to keep this project a secret as any big channel could have easily done the topic and pushed me out. But, surprisingly, no one else did anything at all! oh well….

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