The DEFINITIVE Super Game Boy Guide – Part 2/3: The Super Game Boy 2 – A Complete Review & Analysis

In part two of my definitive guide to the Super Game Boy, we’re taking a look at the Super Game Boy 2 – A Japanese-exclusive version of the Super Nintendo peripheral that took the existing Super Game Boy and amped it up with a ton of useful new features, and a generally more authentic Game Boy experience overall.

Find out all of the Super Game Boy 2’s cheat codes, new features, and even a detailed comparison between both versions of the Super Game Boy, and an original DMG Game Boy!

Part 3 will be focusing on the Hori-made controller, specifically designed for use with the Super Game Boy 1 & 2!

All footage was captured using a PAL Super Nintendo Entertainment System, modified to output an NTSC 60Hz signal. While both a PAL and NTSC Super Game Boy are featured in this video, all footage was captured using an NTSC Super Game Boy. The SNES was connected to a XRGB-Mini Framemeister Upscaler unit through RGB SCART cables, all captured through an Elgato HD60 unit.

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  1. Its amazing how a company can bring out the latest and greatest version (to be superseded the following year) and even with better graphics, sounds etc., they somehow loose the following of the original. I personally think this is why games from the 80’s and early 90’s are making a real comeback now.

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