Retro News Round Up – December 2016

In this month’s Retro News Round Up the NES Mini causes annoyance for many, F-Zero X speeds onto the Wii U, and a Kickstarter was launched for a Rayman album.

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This episode’s links:

Nintendo Everything’s translated interview with Shigeo Maruyama:

Kickstarter for the remastered album of the Rayman soundtrack:

Failed Kickstarter for a remake of Amiga title First Samurai:

Buy the NeoSD flash cartridge for the Neo Geo MVS:

Order the Hyperkin Supaboy S:

Benn Venn’s backlight for the Game Boy Colour:

Kickstarter for new keys for your Amiga keyboard:

8-Bit Xmas 2016 for the NES:

CPCRetroDev 2016 entries:

Magica for the Amstrad CPC:

Doomsday Lost Echoes for the Amstrad CPC:

Sir Ababol 2: The Ice Palace for the Amstrad CPC:

Snake Escape for the ZX Spectrum:

Waiting for the Light on the ZX Spectrum:

Lizard Willy on the MSX:

Crazy Music for the Commodore 64:

Kickstarter for Tanglewood on the Mega Drive:

Play the demo of Thea Realms Fighter for the Atari Jaguar:

Fan translation of Star Cruiser on the Mega Drive

Fan translation of Flying Trooper X-SERD for the TurboGrafx:

Final Match Tennis on the PC Engine:

Fan translation of Last Armageddon for the NES:

Saiyuuki World on the NES:

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