Retro Revival Road Trip – WHY NOT BOTH?

The 3rd and 4th Generation era of video games brings back very fond memories to many retro gamers but also produced some of the most divisive and bitter rivalry ever seen in the history of video games. The two main contenders, SEGA and Nintendo, waged a war against one another unlike anything ever seen before.

sega_v_s_nintendoWhich side of the conflict did you take? Were you a Sega fan, or was the Nintendo your company of choice? That’s what I would like to know as we revisit the console battlefields of the 90’s in our minds and wonder why we were so divisive.

Has your view changed over time, or are you still just as loyal now about your favorite system as you were back then?  Time and time again to many gamers, the best graphics, sound, or weird sounding techno-babble doesnt always lead to the best or most successful system.

Looking back, both companies offered great experiences that could sway anyone to which ever side, yet still specialized in content to cater to a given audience.

It seems like there was no shortage of entertaining titles to find for whatever each company had for many of us growing up the minute we popped in that cartridge and pressed the Power button.


PlayingGenesisI think that we could honestly due without the harmful “flaming” of someone for liking a system, taking sides choosing which was best to enjoy,  and just enjoy what each of these systems brought to us: Amazing gaming memories.

It was the quality entertainment that came from these two companies that was really important, because it showed that playing something from Nintendo or Sega was actually cool. Both giving it all they had, because that made Nintendo better drove Sega (and Vice Versa) to try harder with the true winners being the gamers playing those games.

This is all coming from a person who grew up on anything and everything Nintendo, but as time passed on, I began to realize that the competition had also some amazing games and experiences.

nesawesome sega

Yeah, you could say that the competitive nature was mostly due to marketing departments fighting tooth and nail for your parent’s hard earned cash (It’s true, because we were children…we didn’t even know the concept of work, money or how things cost) but even with that, the end result was hours upon hours of legendary escapism.


n64Why take sides?

Why not both?

Play with power… and WelcomeToTheNextLevel


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  1. I got the SNES first and I’ve always been a Nintendo fan.
    But I now have nearly as many of the Sega consoles.

    If you can afford it or emulate, why not play both?
    And in some cases – Aladdin and Alien3 spring to mind – the games are different on each format anyway.

    • the best examples Alien 3 and Aladdin….nice one dude 🙂
      even games that are similar have things that make then stand apart and make them unique in their own ways

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