Retro News Round Up – November 2016

In this month’s Retro News Round Up Rayman gains a few pounds, the Game Boy is given a lot of love, and an cult Xbox platformer makes an unexpected return.

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This episode’s links:

All the GBJam 5 entrants:

Where to download Brutal Doom 64, and the creator’s Patreon:

Where to buy Catacomb 3D for the Amiga and CD32:

The full video of the adapted Playmates Fun to Drive Dashboard:

Stay updated on those super exciting Amiga 1200 cases:

Where you can buy Sector 88 on the MSX2:

Where you can buy Flappy McFur for the Atari Jaguar:

Where you can buy MSX shooter Code Name Intruder:

Where you can buy Adios A La Casta Episode 2 for the Amstrad CPC:

Download Harbinger Convergence for the ZX Spectrum:

Download Mysterious Dimensions for the ZX Spectrum:

Download Crazy Kong City Episode One: Saving Helen Blond for the ZX Spectrum:

All the entrants of the Reset 4kb Coding Competition:

Download Let’s Invade for the Commodore 64:

Download Russian Roulette on the NES

Download Basic Championship Wrestling on the NES

Download Space Hawks on the Master System:

Download Towering Inferno for the Intellivision:

Indie Go Go page for Boss on the Atari 2600:

More information on the next wave of titles from Piko Interactive:

More information on that Mega Drive remake of JetPak:

More information on the upcoming Cat Quest for the Atari 2600:

More information on Pac man Eat n Run for the Atari 2600:

Michel Ancel’s Instragram account, which has images and a vide of the unreleased version of Rayman for the SNES:

Kickstarter for Socks the Cat on the SNES:

Download the build of Commodore 64 title Red Baron 3000 Preview:

Download the build of Commodore 64 title Charlie Chaplin:

Fan translation of Policenauts for the Sega Saturn:

Fan translation of Bomberman 64 on the N64:

Fan translation of Chameleon Twist for the N64:

Fan translation of The Wild Rings on the Xbox:

Fan translation of Rushing Beat for the SNES:

Fan translation of Vixen 357 on the Mega Drive:

Fan translation of Delinquent Girl Detective 3 for the NES:

Fan translation of Musashi no Bōken on the NES:

Fan translation of the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh for the ZX Spectrum:

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