Picky Old Gamer’s Top 10 Games For Halloween

Welcome to my FIRST Halloween special and I give you my top 10 games for Halloween.  There are many lists out there and you will see many that are on alot of lists, though you might see some you haven’t heard of.  I hope you enjoy this list and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Hey everybody, Pickyoldgamer here. Well who am I? Well my friends say I am an "old fart" gamer; I nit pick at alot of thing in modern gaming and I just "wish it was like the old days". What is my focus? Well all gaming. I keep up with modern gaming news, then give my picky and sometimes just grouchy approach/opinion to it. :-) I do focus on retro gaming some, but I am beginning now to split focus on modern gaming news/trends and begin more of a retro focus. I started gaming with the Atari 2600, then to the NES, Gamebody, SNES, Playstation, GBA, DS, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and finally 3DS/PS4/Xbox One. I have been gaming a while as you see like many gamers my age. I nit pick as I have seen so many trends, good and bad, from the early part of gaming till now and some things just irritate me to no end at how the gaming industry has gotten. I keep my opinions REAL and I am totally HONEST, my viewers know this about me. I am never 100% right, but I will always shoot straight. I look forward to my time on Skirmishfrogs. :-) Follow me at: http://www.youtube.com/c/pickyoldgamer and https://twitter.com/pickyoldgamer


  1. niiiiiice

  2. I suppose my picks would be some of the obvious classics, like Pac-Man, Ghouls n Ghosts, Castlevania. I’d also throw in Eternal Darkness on GC, as that’s my favorite “survival horror” game.

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