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It’s become an annual ambition for a lot of folks who enjoy the creative aspect of providing content to the retro gaming community. Every Halloween, a very large handful of gamers and people alike celebrate the month of October and the pending holiday through a variety of avenues, most of which include playing and reviewing scary/spooky/Halloween-esque video games.

I’m not much of a reviewer and I don’t tend to jump on the Halloween bandwagon too often but finding myself with a little extra time this year, I thought I would sit back and think of games that legitimately spooked me at some point or another.

I never played a lot of horror or suspense-styled games. It was never really my thing so don’t expect Fatal Frame, Silent Hill or anything like that.

None of these games necessarily ‘scared’ me, but they did make me feel uneasy in one way or another.

RESIDENT EVIL (Playstation)

This one’s on everyone’s list. And you know what part I’m talking about. ‘Nuff said.


Good ol’ Fred Kreug. Having watched the original film far younger than I ever should’ve, even the box cover of this game sent shivers up my spine. While there was nothing scary per se about Nightmare on Elm Street, there was something eerie about the whole game.

The dark tones, purple hues and overall creepy characters made for a somewhat uncomfortable playthrough. Especially when you started to hear the music, which reminded you so much of the movie.

“1…2…Freddy’s coming for you…”

Oh yeah. Speaking of that…


When you saw this flashing on the screen?

Nope. Just…nope.

FINAL FANTASY VI (Super Nintendo)

An odd one, right? With great game play, a fantastic story and bountiful characters, what’s so scary about this one?

Well, there was this scene that made me poop my pants the first time I played it. It was late, I was in my friend’s basement and he was sleeping. The volume was up louder than I thought. The melody and the music was so soothing. Finally, it fades back to Terra and…

(watch until 8:30)

That scream, late in the morning, at high volume?

I pooped myself. Wasn’t expecting that.

SOLSTICE (Nintendo)

You’ll sense a theme here. I don’t like screams. (Well, some are okay. 😀 BA-ZINGA!)

Anyways…here’s a great, underrated puzzle game on the NES. Bright sprites, simple music. So what’s wrong with it?


Nothing terrifying, I know. But again…that scream, at full volume, with that creepy music playing all the while?

Sends chills. Oh, and you hear it a LOT in this game.

Limbo (PS Vita)

What’s creepier than a game that’s almost completely shadow based, with no music, and cringe-worthy deaths?

Limbo is a disturbing game, but a very fascinating one at the same time. I highly recommend playing it if you haven’t thus far, and it’s available on a number of platofrms.

I also recommend playing it in the dark. Adds so much to it.

Oh, and here’s some Limbo death scenes. This game is effed up.


Altered Beast (Genesis)

Why not? The game’s opening musical score provides something of an uneasy feeling and I can’t be the only person whose hair stood up on end the first time they heard, “WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!”


Those are just a handful of games that provided some sort of a fun, but creepy vibe to my core as a young gamer. Well, except for Limbo. ‘Adult Wally’ was creeped out by that one.

What are some of your favourite games that provide you with fun chills? Let me know in the comments below!

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