Scaredy Nim Plays – System Shock part 21

It’s Wednesday, fearless frogs, so we are back with another entry in our System Shock text play! Last time we had fought our way to the master jettison enable switch only to find out it fried one of the Relays on Level 3. We’ve now found the Relay we need to repair, now we just need to find the Interface Demodulator that will fix it!


We’ve already made some good progress exploring parts of Level 3 in our past hurried excursions through the area, but there seems to be a large blank portion to the eastern side of the map. Maybe we’ll head that way?

We leave the Delta maintenance sector and step back into the main hallway, passing by many carcasses of invisible mutants we had taken down along the way.


Traveling east, eventually we find ourselves at a door locked by a wire puzzle.



Oh my, this one has a lot of wires. We might be here a while. :/

Well, we have to start somewhere! Let’s just try this one-


Oh. Hey, that worked!

That seemed WAY too easy. We must be walking into one of SHODAN’s ambushes. We step through the door carefully, checking around us.

But all that appears before us is an energy station!


We recharge and turn to our right, facing a dark hallway. The electrical beeps coming from the darkness warn us that there is likely a security bot or two hiding back there.

Time for the night vision goggles!


Since we have an energy station so close by and it is fairly dark in this portion of the room, I don’t feel too bad about wasting the extra power. With these equipped we are able to take care of the security bots easily.

In the darkness, we can just barely make out a log file among some crates.


This message is something about a viewing room. There are only about a dozen seats and tickets are only being given to executives. Jared is worried it may be months before they get to see it.

“Who cares if a bunch of maintenance slobs ever get to use the nice new facilities, right?”

I’m not exactly sure what this is referring to at this point. *shrug*

We see a button on the wall that activates a repulsor lift behind us. Let’s take it up!

Waiting on a shelf above the lift is just what we need.


The Interface Demodulators. Couldn’t miss those! We pick a couple up as well as some ammo and supplies from the shelf to the left of this one.

Key item in hand, we head back toward the Delta maintenance area, but take a different door out this time. We pass by an alcove that appears to have a weird little boombox in it.


On closer inspection, this turns out to be the SensAround Multi-View Unit v2, which is an upgrade to our current system.

Since we grabbed some new tech, let’s check our current loadout.


I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few upgrades, but I still feel like we are doing pretty well! 😀

Upgrade installed, let’s get back to Relay 428 to repair it.

After a little backtracking…


We made it!

And just for anyone playing along at home, here are map references for fixing the Relay.


The Demodulators are at the orange box and the Relay is at the lavender box.

We equip the Demodulator, use it on the Relay, and then receive a message that it has been fixed!


Soooo I guess next thing is to try hitting the master jettison enable and hope it doesn’t fry it again? (At least I have a couple extra Demodulators if it does! 😀 )

We book it back to the elevator to Level 6.


Take it up, and then go through Diego’s fancy schmancy secret teleporter we unlocked last time to get us back to his area.


And then there we are, right back in front of the button!


We press the blinking button and get a message that jettison has been enabled for all groves.


But that’s not the only message we get! SHODAN’s electronic voice comes in over the intercom.

Insect… cease your meddling. My experiment must continue…

It seems pretty mad. Yay!

Well, one step left in this long, convoluted process- let’s send that virus-ridden sector out into space!

We backtrack to the hallway leading to the Beta grove. SHODAN interrupts us again before we reach the lobby.


If I have to release my infected children then so be it…

Wait, now SHODAN is warning us about upcoming ambushes? The AI must be losing its touch, or is just getting pouty that we are making progress! Either way, we pull out the big guns and enter the Beta Grove lobby.


Party time!

Really, this is more of what I had expected when we found out there would be a “welcoming party” here for us the first time around.


Party’s over already? D: oh well.

Let’s head into the side room for the jettison switch.

We push the button and the entire room begins to shake as we feel the force of the Beta Grove blasting off into the unknown.


We receive an email with video of the process as well.


Once again we were able to overcome the obstacles SHODAN threw our way to thwart its plan to destroy humanity! Maybe now we can focus on getting off this ship again??

Maybe not. We have a new email from Rebecca.


Welp. SHODAN now has plans to download itself into Earth’s computer network. That sounds catastrophic!

The only way we can stop it is to blow up four antenna on the engineering level. Seems like we can use that plastique we picked up on Level 4 to do this, yay!

SHODAN cuts off Rebecca’s transmission but we’ve already heard enough to know this is what we must do next.

We haven’t seen an engineering level or large antenna anywhere on our explorations thus far so we must be headed to a new level. In that case, maybe we should try a new elevator- specifically the one back near Diego’s hideout.

So it’s back through the crawlspace for us-


Then to the area where we fought laser sword Diego, past the master jettison enable switch, and there we are at the new elevator.


As always, it is still pleasant to hear those elevator tunes. 🙂

We head up to Level 7 and are greeted by a giant crate (which holds three medipacks, woop!) and an email!


Surprise, the email is from SHODAN. :/


Fool! I will shortly complete the process of downloading my magnificent psyche into Earth’s computer networks, then I will be content to leave you as new master of this doomed space station. Goodbye, irritant- we shall not meet again.

Yeah, good luck with that one, buddy. D:<

Behind the medipack crate is our first log file for Level 7.


According to Arnold, we won’t be able to access Gamma quadrant from the lower level of the core. This means nothing to us right now but will probably be super important really soon!

We dart through the nearby hallway and around a corner, falling into a pit in the floor. Evidently there are snipers on the ledges nearby! We weren’t able to spot them just yet so will have to be careful for now.

This spot appears to be safe so we get a better look at our surroundings. A number of gears and pistons seem to be turning and powering parts in the walls.


So maybe this is the engineering area?

We climb out of the small pit and find a ladder in front of us. Full speed ahead, let’s see what we find!


The next room must be important! Three security bots patrol the hallway.


And indeed, after removing their threat, we find the first of the four antenna that we need to destroy. Let’s equip the plastique!


(And may I mention, after applying the plastique, we should run like mad!! :D)

A giant explosion rocks the area as the first antenna is completely demolished.


We will work on taking down the other three and see what else we can do to ruin SHODAN’s day, next time on System Shock!

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