Before you read Viz’s Super Mario Adventures, take a look at this!

Today October 12th sees the reissue of the Nintendo Power Comics, “Super Mario Adventures” printed by Viz media. A fine collection for sure. At the same time as we read these, there were weekly comics going on in Japan based on the current Mario games of the time. They are weird, funny, cute, crazy and sometimes veer towards M rated territory.

As well, Monday this week saw the 28th anniversary of the American release of Super Mario Bros. 2! So in honor of that, I’ve chosen the comic based on that game to feature in this video.

Tell me what you think! As good, better or worse than what was in Nintendo Power?


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  1. wow, amazing.
    this was a great vid, thank you for sharing this

    • I will never stop digging up cool old things until I’m at the top of YouTube. And even after that , I’ll still keep going.

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