Monster in My Pocket: The Spooktacular Soundtrack



So since I was doing the game playthrough for this Halloween season, I thought I’d also take a crack at my first full game soundtrack video! This game doesn’t just have fun gameplay and nice variety, it also happens to feature one of the best 8-bit music soundtracks on the NES!



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  1. its a pretty decent game with that awesome Old school Konami sound

  2. Didn’t know! 1992 was filled with so many games. Never picked it up. Maybe because there was a tv show and toy line, I passed it by.

    • The toy line was the main product, and they were incredibly awesome. Very articular little soft plastic figures. There was a one episode pilot for a possible TV show, but it didn’t get picked up, in fact I didn’t know the pilot even existed until I was an adult. There was also a four issue comic book series, by Harvey Comics, which I was also totally unaware of, that was likewise cancelled before it was finished. Which is too bad, because it was awesome. The story to the comic and cartoon were somewhat different, but similar. Meanwhile, the story to the NES game was it’s own thing.

      I do believe that the toy line actually originated in the UK, but it was the kind of thing that was VERY popular in the US in the very early 90s for year or two, and then fizzled out almost as fast. They had following lines, beyond the first two, but they drifted away from monsters, and into weirder/dumber things like dinosaur skeletons, alien mutants, and even….some sort of sports related thing? I dunno. But what I DO know, is that the original line of MONSTER toys, were amazing, and probably my favorite toy ever.

      • nice back story on all that. I guess it depends on how old you were and other things back then to be interested or not. But I was burned so many times by games that were done as an afterthought to an existing IP that I just didn’t bother, now I’m going to check it out

        • Oh I understand that, trust me. A lot of licensed games were and are absolute garbage. But on the NES, at least so far as Capcom and Konami (ironically) were concerned, they both managed to churn out several really quality licensed games, including but not limited to: Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Tiny Toons, TMNT, and this game. Hell, during that same period both games were well known for putting out some pretty great licensed arcade games too.

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