Retro News Round Up – October 2016

This month’s Retro News Round Up sees the next chapter in the US 64DD saga, Doom AI, and a new title for the Vectrex.

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This episode’s links:

More on the recent US 64DD discovery:

More pictures of that 64DD-alike for the US N64:

Good Nintentions book:

Pre-order the Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games:

More on VizDoom:

Trailer for the PC remake of the original Wonder Boy:

More on the new key caps project for the Amiga:

ZX Vega+ Indie GoGo page:

Buy Big Blue for the Vectrex:

Order Defence on the Amstrad CPC:

Demons of Dex for the Commodore 64:

Snake Bird on the Game Boy:

Retroid for the Game Boy:

Chunk Zone on the ZX Spectrum:

Strange Kitchen for the ZX Spectrum:

Kickstarter for Henshin Engine the Game on the PC Engine:

Pre-order Defender of the Crown for the ZX Spectrum:

Pre-order Xenocider for the Dreamcast:

Demo of Sally’s Garden on the Commodore 64:

Demo of Air Apparent for the ZX Spectrum:

Demo of Bridge Strike on the Amiga:

Demo of Blazing Guns for the Amiga

Demo of Return to Genesis on the Mega Drive:

Footage of the unreleased Expansion Royale for the PS2:

Footage of the unreleased Rev Limit on the N64:

More on the unreleased Warcraft Adventures – Lord of the Clans for the PC:

Download a build of the unreleased Shadow Hawk for the SNES:

Download a build of the Carrier-Bourne: Fighter Simulation&D for the Commodore 64:

Fan translation of F1 Circus on the NES:

Fan translation of Family Trainer Jogging Race for the NES:

Fan translation of Family Trainer: Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi Jou on the NES:

Fan translation on Star Cruiser for the Mega Drive:,22363.msg317132.htm

Fan translation of Wizardy Gaiden 4: Throb of the Demon’s Heart on the SNES:

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