Jaws (NES): We’re Gonna Need a Better Game



So to help kick off the Halloween season, I decided to do a special cross-promotional video with my buddy Josh, who after a long wait, finally was able to finish and bring his new horror film community site, MidnightHorrorShow.com, up and running. We knew we wanted to do an old horror-based game of some sort, and we settled on one of the crappy old licensed NES games. After some deliberation, we decided to do Jaws, because he has played it in the past, and it was a game we could get some laughs out of.

The funny thing is, while I certainly have seen this game and was familiar with it, I had never actually really sat down and watched someone play it. There isn’t a WHOLE lot to it, but while I’d hesitate to call it a GOOD game, I would also go as far as to say it’s one of the better games LJN put out on NES. It’s entertaining for what it is, though if I was a kid in the 80s who wasted full retail price on it, I probably would have been pretty let down.

Anywho, enjoy us goofing around (colorful language and all), and if any of you Froggers out there also happen to be horror movie fans, make sure to check out Midnight Horror Show as well! It’s 100% free, and the focus of the site is 100% fan reviews, a community for fans by fans, that sort of deal. A database of over 13,000 movies to choose from, and I’ve already done a few myself (old ones, naturally)!


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  1. Jaws always seemed like it could make a good game. But we got this very average NES attempt, a very poor 8-bit computer game and the strange Jaws Unleashed (and mobile equivalent Jaws Revenge) where you play as the shark…

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