5 Classic Games Still Worth Playing

Like the classic vinyl record, retro gaming is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Is it nostalgia driving the trend among gamers? We look at a handful of the best classics worth digging out again.

Sonic the Hedgehog

When Sega discontinued its consoles, a litany of remakes for this game made their way to Xbox, PC and PlayStation. But of you miss the distinctive and familiar ching of the gold rings as you barrel away collecting, dust off the Sega Mega drive and meet the old enemy Robotnik trying to take over the world. The speed-based platform still gives a satisfyingly paced series of challenges and pretty landscaping.

Online Casino Games

Not a single classic franchise, these slots and roulette games have nonetheless been around for quite some time on PC and are making their way onto mobile apps. Constantly updated with newer themed games to go along with the classic casino fare like Blackjack and poker, browse and make use of the no risk welcome bonuses on offer, or relive the old classic card games punctuating the old westerns.

Alex The Kidd

If able to think back some thirty years to when this first launched, moving from arcade format to the Master System and Mega Drive, you’ll remember the peak popularity of this. There is again a simplicity to smashing rocks at will with oversized bare fists, as you thwart the evil Janken and restore power to the rightful royal household, before his minions turn you and everyone else into stone.

Betrayal At Kondor

A role play game in a 3D open world in a space resembling a book and based on the Riftwar novels, make your way through the chapters. You can view in 3d or overhead as a map, and are given ample ways to solve mini quests and gain cash and upgrades moving through the world however you want, which is innovative for its time. Game play moves from first to third person display when you enter combat and reverts again as you traverse the overworld in tactical warfare.

Primal Rage

The prehistoric monsters offering an alternative to other versus fighter games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, these creatures lumbering a human post-apocalyptic landscape give a sense of bizarre and unique timelessness. With a well thought out story line of human clans under each of the seven the creatures, you are one of three virtuous beasts or four plunderers determined to plunge Urth into further chaos. It offers special moves, finishing gore, and the ability to eat the humans who worship you.

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  1. Personally, I’ve never viewed liking/playing older games a “trend”. It’s neat if younger people get into them, because there are a LOT of great older, classic games to enjoy, and if you truly have a passion for something, you should know your roots. As far as I’m concerned, there are countless classic games “still worth playing”.

    But really, good games are good games. I think anyone could honestly pick up an Atari 2600, or an NES, or an old arcade or PC game, and have fun. The only people who “dislike” older games, it’s a mental prejudice against old sprite graphics, things like that.

    I know for sure, if I ever have kids, I’ll raise em on the classics before they start playing modern games, for sure.

  2. Agree with this wholeheartedly – having picked up the Atari Flashback 6 there are games I never heard of and played for the first time and enjoyed them immensely, so age or console should have no bearing – if you enjoy it then that’s the only thing one could hope for

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