Retro News Round Up – September 2016

This month’s Retro News Round Up sees the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus project run into a spot of bother, a camera-em-up, and Goldeneye reborn. For England James? No, for XBLA.

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This episode’s links:

Kickstarter for the Amstrad CPC fanzine:

SplitWolf 1.0:

A Game Boy flying a drone. Keep watching the skies…

Monster boy and The Cursed Kingdom Gamescom trailer:

Uper Grafx add-on for the PC Engine:

Pre-order the AVS:

Maze of the Mummy on the C64:

Akalabeth World of Doom on the Apple 2:

Bubbo World on the MSX:

Trun for the MSX:

Super Robin on the CD32:

Golden Tail for the Amstrad CPC:

Heroes Rescue on the Amstrad CPC:!heroes-rescue/yx2q7

Sam Mallard – The Case of the Missing Swan for the ZX Spectrum:

Angry Birds Opposition on the ZX Spectrum:

Manic Mower: 24th Anniversary Edition for the ZX Spectrum:

All the entrants of the DizzyAge competition:

More on Shadow Warrior for the Amiga:

More footage of Spaceman Splorf : Planet of Doom on the Atari VCS:

Download the play test version of Papi Commando Tennis IX for the Mega Drive:

Go Sub available to pre-order for the Intellivision:

Demo of Tanglewood on the Mega Drive:

Demo of Furtum Sacrum for the Amiga:

More on The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks and Mandrake the Magician: Shadow of the Vehme on the GBA, and how you can download them:—The-Lost-Phantom-Mandrake-Video-Games-Discovered

Download Infinity for the Game Boy Colour:

Footage of all those unreleased Famicom and PC Engine titles I talked about:

All that XBLA Goldeneye footage:

Download the unreleased prototype of Game Gear platformer Cave Dude:

Fan translation of Dahna: Goddess’s Birth for the Mega Drive:

Fan translation of Sailor Moon Super S: Floating Panic on the SNES:

Fan translation of Hyper Iria for the SNES

Fan translation of Bionic Commando on the NES:

Fan translation of Jesus: Tale for the Dreadful Bio-Monster

Fan translation of Final Fantasy 3 on the NES:

Fan translation of Lunatic Dawn – Book of Futures for the PC:

Fan translation of Lunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book both on the PC:

Fan translation of BS-X: The Town Whose Name Was Stolen for the Satellaview:

Fan translation of Return of the Mario Bros on the Famicom Disk System:

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