Mortal Kombat’s Blood Code – The Best Cheats In Videogames

This week, we’re looking at a cheat code that was so controversial, that it helped shape the face of videogame censorship.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes long for the days when games were fit to burst with cheat codes – Series of button presses, passwords or unlockables that would allow the player to enable useful or completely useless effects while playing the game, from having infinite lives, to skipping levels, or even turning football referees into dogs (but that one’s a tale for another time). These sort of codes are becoming a rarity in modern gaming, so join me in celebrating these simpler times, as I take a regular look at gaming’s best secrets, and how you too can find them.

We begin with one of the most controversial cheat codes to ever exist, for one of the most controversial video games to ever exist.

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