Review a Bad Game Day 2016: Cliffhanger (NES)

In honor of the 2016 installment of Review A Bad Game Day, we present our review of Cliffhanger for the NES: one of our lowest scoring reviews yet.  This licensed game is based on the movie of the same name, a movie which isn’t exactly one of Sylvester Stallone’s best.  As always we pair a beer with this game, can the beer save an otherwise abysmal experience?  

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  1. I really never bothered to play this game, in part because I was never super excited about the movie it was based on in the first place. But it is a sad fact that most licensed games, especially on NES, were not great. The only major exceptions were Capcom and Konami games, and maybe MC Kids.

  2. looks like you got….

  3. Here’s a fun link – programmer Chris Shrigley published the source code from the Genesis version.

    But the NES version was pretty bad in comparison.

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