Super Famicom NEW 3DS LL (3DSXL) Unboxing!

It just came in the mail from Nintendo 30 minutes ago! Take a look at the coolest 3DS all year! 

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  1. I was a Marine brat who’s father was based in Japan. Until I was 15 I lived my entire life between Okinawa and Iwakuni and I remember losing my shit when I saw an American version of the Super Famicom, always thought they looked a lot better. Now I appreciate having an original Famicom and Super Famicom. I like to break out my old copy of Suīto Hōmu (Sweet Home) and trying to teach my buddies little licks of Japanese here and there.

    Not a huge mobile collector but I would shell out the dough for this though, sleek little machine and I love the aesthetic! How much was it 21,600 Yen?

  2. Awesome. I’m jealous of that! Yea it was 21600 but the street value will always be higher

  3. Sure! But you might want to wait for the yen to go back to 120/1$ first

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