Will GameStop go out of Business Soon? | Ask RGT 85

With the rise of online purchases, many large chain retailers are feeling the crunch and starting to go under. Video games are no exception, as in the US only one large chain remains: GameStop. But with the shift in gaming from physical to digital, are GameStop’s days numbered?

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  1. I won’t say “soon” but I could see GameStop reduced to a mall kiosk if ps5, etc have been less physical games then ever

  2. While digital releases are much easier to acquire like distribution platforms like Steam and Origin , think there will always be a need and a want for physical copies of games. Besides PC gaming, consoles have been dipping their toes in the water of digital distribution like the XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network but most of the consoles still throw out physical copies. I don’t think Gamestop is going to go out of business. I can see the company downsizing and adapting to the changing landscape of distribution for games.

  3. This type of article has been every 2 years like clockwork by various people.

    GameStop still has at least 5 years before any sort of true, actual, panic is required. While they can be delusional, the higher-ups know how to jump on trends to find profit margins (Cricket, Loot, In-Store DLC, bringing back retro). The fact that they’re taking a plunge into publishing (Song of the Deep and Re-formers are actual GameStop games) shows their looking to stay around.

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