Same Name, Different Game: Super Double Dragon

The Super Summer continues as I take a look at Super Double Dragon on the SNES and the Super Famicom!

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  1. I think it’s really unfortunate what happened with the Double Dragon franchise. 1 and 2 were mostly great games. 3 had major issues, but was okay. 4 (Super DD), in my opinion at least, was a massive let down. It’s not a BAD game, but they rushed it to try and get it on SNES as quickly as possible, and it shows. A SNES DD deserved to be every bit as good as Final Fight. It really wasn’t. And after that, aside from an appearance in the fun Battletoads sequel (Which may or may not be the first major franchise crossover video game?), their only appearance was a shoddy fighting game based on a shoddy cartoon series.

    Double Dragon Advance was a nice remake, very solid. And I was initially excited when I heard Way Forward was doing DD Neon. But then I saw it, and I just never could get into the graphic style or tone of the game. I’ve heard some people loved it, but it didn’t really appeal to me. I would love DD to get a nice new entry, something high quality and worthy of the first two games.

    • I tend to agree. III is terrible in the arcade and on the Genesis, but the Famicom version isn’t bad (the NES version cranked up the difficulty). Double Dragon V is awful, but I like Super a lot. I think it’s better than Final Fight on the SNES and maybe both of the sequels? I don’t know. Battletoads and Double Dragon is ok, I guess, but it’s a lot simpler and a lot more like Battletoads than SDD is. I love DD Advance and I liked Neon quite a bit, but there was a recent-ish remake of DD2 for XBLA and it’s SUPER AWFUL. At any rate, thanks so much for watching!

  2. awesome vid…for me the double dragon franchise went to crap when the movie and the cartoon eventually influenced the game (part 5: the shadow falls…oy vey)

    Im glad that because of NEON there has been a revival of sorts and with the people behind the guilty gear games now has the franchise (arc system works) hopefully it will bring us something good.

    Gotta stay positive

    • I’d love to see a new fully 2D DD beat em up. Like I said, the franchise definitely deserves better.

      • Well, with Arc System Works owning the rights now, maybe we’ll get one. We’re getting TWO new Kunio beat-’em-ups in the US this year, so anything can happen.

    • DD5 was total junk, but the Double Dragon fighting game on the Neo-Geo wasn’t terrible. But yeah, overall the cartoon and the movie had negative effects on the franchise. They were just both so out of touch with what the games were, you know? But I liked Neon quite a bit.

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