Unbound News – Nintendo Updates – July 22, 2016

Today I discuss Nintendo news, including the final Splatfest, the NES Classic announcement, and new Virtual Console releases.

I’d really like your constructive criticism if you have some to offer, though if you just want to shitpost (within the limits of YouTube’s terms), feel free.

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The Requiem is an old-school gamer and a new-school potty mouth. While he may fancy himself some kind of an electric ninja-superhero... thing, he's really just a normal dude with a weird sense of humor and a hard-on for anything SEGA, Metroid or Mortal Kombat. You can follow The Requiem on Twitter @UnboundRequiem, where he regularly posts about all kinds of gaming nonsense, including retro games, his SEGA Nerds contributions, and other stuff.

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