Kickstarter for new SEGA magazine ends in two days!


The Mega Visions Kickstarter for a new SEGA magazine has less than two days to hit its target. As of the time of this post, we need less than $700 to achieve our goal of $13,000 and make the magazine a reality.*

I recently had the privilege of talking with the guys at the Genesis Gems podcast about the Mega Visions project, as well as discussing Genesis launch title, Last Battle.

If you want to support the Mega Visions project for a new SEGA magazine, you gotta hurry! The Kickstarter ends on July 18! Click here!

If you want more information on the Mega Visions Kickstarter, go to the Mega Visions site!

Do yourself a favor and also check out Aaron’s new album “Neon Dreams

If you want to hear more great episodes of the Genesis Gems podcast, click here.


*Full disclosure! I am a member of the SEGA Nerds team and will be contributing content to Mega Visions if it reaches its goal.
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