Megaman Items For Sale in Japan in 2016.

Megaman, or as he’s known in Japan, Rockman, is awesome! The franchise has over 100 games but I’ve always loved the first six on NES the most. The recent collection of games has come out in Japan, and a big wave of new collectible stuff came out to buy along with it. Theres also a fan book released that talks about each of the games and where to buy the stuff. There’s a long interview in the fan book as well…


Check out this video (3:50) and see what you might pay too much for on eBay in the near future.

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  1. man, this stuff is awesome

  2. Really? Rockman 6? Rockman 2 all the way just for the opening theme.

    • The “character” I play in this likes 6 the mostand can’t understand why no one else does. though 2 is the best of course

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