Retro-Fandemonium: Introduction

Hello there Gamers,

Welcome to the first blog of Retro-Fandemonium!

You might be wondering who I am, and what this blog is… well let me tell you.


I’m Eric “Woodyman” Vole, I’ve been a g1 (user) of for a long time, was even decreed g1 of the year one year, and mod many aspects of the site. In addition, I’ve written Top 10s for GameFira and 1MoreCastle under the name Eric Vole. I’ve been blogging for a VERY long time…

…and I love games! I especially love retro games.


As it turns out, I’m not the only one who loves retro games. There are fanart, fanfiction, remixes, and so much more of retro games and characters we love.

That’s what Retro-Fandemonium! is all about. I’m going to scour the internet looking for the best fan created content about our favorite games/characters and put it all in one place. Any fan-created content is welcome…even content made by YOU!

Yes YOU can submit anything you made/make about the week’s game/character and have it included in the blog.


This cannot be a solo affair, so I need your help! You can help out in two ways.



The Internet is a big place, and therefore I might miss some of the best fan-created content. Therefore, I want YOU to help me. When the topic for the week is announced, your job will be to look for the best fan-created content and send it to me



When the topic for the week is announced, YOU create art or music or fiction or anything… and send it my way I know I’ll be making something each week too.

So now that you know what to do, what’s the first topic… what’s the first game or character we’re going to scour the internet for fan-created content… well it’s….

That’s right!!! Dig-Dug!!!

So find any Dig-Dug fan content or create your own and send it to

DEADLINE: July 15th, 2016

Happy Gaming!

What do you think of this post?
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  1. this sounds like a fun idea

  2. I like this idea! I cover video game music regularly and create art occasionally, so I should definitely have something to send in one of these weeks. Sadly all I would be able to send in for Dig Dug is a picture of my high score from when I was writing an article on an arcade a few weeks ago.

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