Retro News Round Up – July 2016

This month’s retro gaming round up includes an attempt to revive System Shock, Déjà Vu on desktop, and the return of the snail from Snail Maze. Oh and Déjà Vu on desktop.

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This episode’s links:

Kickstarter for the System Shock remaster:

Kickstarter for The story of the Commodore Amiga in pixels book:

Kickstarter for The Complete SNES Collector’s Book and Guide:

Kickstarter for Easy To Learn, Hard to Master – The Fate of Atari:

Kickstarter is From Bedrooms to Billions, The Playstation Revolution:

Amstrad CPC megademo:

More on the remake of Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap:

Kickstarter for new Amiga 1200 cases:

Kickstarter for new Amiga 1200 cases on the Indie Retro News website:

Apocalypse 2 for the SNES:!/Apocalypse-II-SNES/p/43673357/category=14008398

The Legends of Owlia for the NES:

Quod Init Exit IIm for the C64:

Desktop versions of the C64’s Uninvited and Deja Vu:

Blocky Skies for the Amiga:

Double Bubble for the ZX Spectrum:

Uwol Quest For Money for the MSX2:

Swabby for the Sega Game Gear:

Football Fever for the Amiga CD32:

Unofficial port of Gunfright for the Atari 8bit:

The improved version of The Dark for the ZX Spectrum:

More on Rocket Man (not Boy!) on the Game Boy:

The new trailer for Neo Geo title Kraut Buster:

More on Projekt Lila for the Amiga:

More on Projekt AlarCity for the Amiga:

The teaser video for Adios A La Casta Episode 2 for the Amstrad CPC:

Prototype version of Ecco 2, Sentinels of the Universe for the Dreamcast:,_2001_prototype)

Fan translation for Magical Vacation on GBA:

Fan translation for Sanrio Carnival on the NES

Fan translation for Hyper Iria on the SNES

Fan translation for Mega Man & Bass: Challenger from the Future on the Wonderswan:

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