New SEGA and Atlus Magazine Project Now on Kickstarter!

KS_cover-660x330The team at SEGA Nerds felt that it was time for the SEGA community to yet again have its own magazine, and we have launched a Kickstarter project called Mega Visions to create just that: a new digital magazine featuring SEGA and Atlus-themed content, both current and retro.*

Most of the content for Mega Visions will be produced by the SEGA Nerds team, though it was recently announced that former SEGA of America President, Tom Kalinske and former SEGA of America Marketing Director, Al Nilsen will also be contributing content to Mega Visions. The team has also partnered with designers of the Official Dreamcast Magazine and Electronic Gaming Monthly to make sure that Mega Visions will seem both new yet familiar to fans nostalgic for the retro magazines of old.


“Proof of concept” sample design

So, why a go with magazine format over a website? As anyone who remembers flipping through their old magazines will probably tell you, there is a lot of content that simply doesn’t lend itself well to scrolling down text on the web. A digital magazine format allows for readers to experience content that is more in-depth, and the team is committed to focusing on content that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. If you want a “Top Ten” list of SEGA Dreamcast games, you can already find plenty of outlets who produce that sort of thing. Mega Visions is intended for the true, hardcore SEGA fans, spanning their arcade heritage, console legacy, as well as modern games by SEGA, SEGA subsidiaries (i.e. Atlus), and former SEGA developers.


Former SEGA executives Tom Kalinske & Al Nilsen (of Console Wars fame) will be contributing content to Mega Visions!

Mega Visions won’t simply be a scanned PDF of a physical magazine, either, like some other publications offer. It will instead deliver a rich  multimedia reading experience like no other SEGA magazine has done before.

The team has partnered with Magazine Cloner, one of the industry’s leading digital magazine publishers, to publish Mega Visions on nearly every device and platform, including the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, smartphones, Kindle Fire, Windows, PC and Mac.

The Kickstarter for Mega Visions is intended to raise enough money to fund the first year of publication, which is six issues on a bi-monthly basis. The project has raised over $5,000 at the time of this writing, and you have until July 18th to contribute, lock in an early subscription, and snag some other rewards based on your contribution.

The SEGA Nerds team has been producing SEGA-related content for over ten years, so we have a real passion for SEGA’s games and legacy. If you have any questions about the project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or to anyone else on the SEGA Nerds team. If you want to learn more, Chris and Marcin from the Mega Visions team were interviewed on The Retro League podcast, and you can check out the full Mega Visions Kickstarter project here!


Welcome to the next level of SEGA magazines!

*Full disclosure! I am a member of the SEGA Nerds team and will be contributing content to Mega Visions if it reaches its goal.


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