The Legend of Zelda Medley

Recently, a friend of mine composed a really cool Legend of Zelda medley! If you’re like me and you really love Zelda and music, you should definitely take a listen (for the record, I’m highly critical of music, especially Zelda; so if I endorse it, it’s really good). There are songs from Zelda 2, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Minish Cap; so there’s sure to be at least one song you recognize. What are you waiting for, turn it on already!

For those who like more details, the songs used (combined together in pairs of two) are Song of Storms, Song of Healing, Bolero of Fire, Minish Village, Temple Theme (Zelda 2), Saria’s Song, Stone Tower Temple, Temple of Droplets, Treasure Fanfare, Dark World, Gerudo Valley, Forest Temple, Minuet of Forest, Kakariko Village, Zelda’s Lullaby,┬áTitle Theme (Ocarina of Time), and Ending Theme (A Link to the Past). Like I said, there’s something there for every Zelda fan!

(If you have any comments, but for some reason don’t want to post them on the video, let me know below and I can tell her.)

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