E3 2016 | The Death of the PS4 and Xbox One for Neo and Scorpio

E3 2016 is proving one thing: The PS4 and Xbox One are being replaced with the PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio. Is console gaming finally coming to an end with lifecycles so short? RGT 85 shares his thoughts!

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  1. I suppose the key difference, is that Sony at least is pretending for the time being that the “Neo” will not have it’s own games, but will rather just be a “high end PS4”. If you want to believe that. Xbox 2 on the other hand? Will have it’s own games. They’re doing it because XB1 isn’t selling so hot.

    Either way, I don’t like where this industry is headed at all. Treating expensive home consoles like cell phone upgrades, coming out every couple years, instead of the traditional 5-6, is BS. I really hope that Nintendo doesn’t follow suit. But then again, who the hell knows what they’re even doing, at this juncture.

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