Retro News Round Up – June 2016

This month’s retro gaming round up includes an attempt to revive the Virtual Boy, a stunning remake of Shadow of the Beast, and a Snow White game being rescued from the evil clutches of obscurity.

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This episode’s links:

Emulate the Virtual Boy through the use of a Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard headset:

Kickstarter for The Atari ST and The Creative People Volume 1:

Kickstarter for The Mastertronic Archives:

Kickstarter for The Way We Played: The Golden Age of Computer Games:

Kickstarter for the Nintendo Entertainment System: A Visual Compendium:

Watch documentary called From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years:

Download Warp Drive +3 for the Commodore 64:

Download Scare Bear for the Commodore 64:

Download a remake of Amstrad’s Oh Mummy for the PC.

More on RetroUSB AVS system:

More information on the Spectrum Next:

Download Good Night Kanga for the ZX Spectrum:

Download Bubble Frenzy for the ZX Spectrum:

Download Tourmaline for the ZX Spectrum:

Download Lamega for the ZX Spectrum:

Arcade title Popeye for the ZX Spectrum:

Unofficial remake of ZX Spectrum title Highway Encounter for Windows computers:

Unofficial remake of ZX Spectrum title Manic Miner for the Atari XL/XE:

Ralph 4 for the NES:

Pentagram for the Atari 8Bit:

Pentagram for the Commodore 64:

Ye Olde Pirate Collection for the Amiga CD32:

Kickstarter for Dreamcast title Xenocider:

Pre-order Head Over Heels for the MSX2:

Pre-order Xenon 2: Megablast for the Atari Jaguar:

The whole story of Happily Ever After for the NES:

Compilation of unreleased Amiga CD32 demos and titles:

Download Sibwing AGA:

Fan translation of Panel Ninja: Kesamaru for the Game Boy:

Fan translation of Snoopy’s Errand Adventure for the Game Boy:

Fan translation of Brave Fighter of the Sun: Fighbird GB for the Game Boy:

Fan translation of Final Fantasy 2 for the NES:

Fan translation of Shadow Brain for the NES:

Fan translation of Donald Duck and the Magical Hat for the SNES:

Fan translation of Kaettekita Mario Bros for the Family Computer Disk System:

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  1. Great round-up!

    The fantastic news is the NES Visual Compendium reached its target in 10 hours, and is already heading towards the stretch goals!

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