GameRaveTV: Top 5 Gimmick PlayStation Games

Everyone needs that one gimmick.

We also introduce our more laid back and casual show, Present Tense.

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Voted PlayStation's Biggest Fan by Sony and their Users, Jason runs and hosts GameRaveTV on YouTube. While he focuses mainly on PlayStation and Saturn, he adores Neo-Geo, Turbo-Grafx 16, Sega CD, Dreamcast, and the LaserActive as well.

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  1. I had no idea the Monster Rancher games could create monsters based on the data from music CD’s and other game discs. That’s a pretty forward thinking thing Tecmo did. Loved Ape Escape, and thought the fact that they used every single button & function of the DualShock controller was pretty impressive, and because they did a good job making the control scheme relatively intuitive is probably one of the reasons that analog control took over for digital. I wasn’t aware of the dialog stuff with Sentient, I’ve just seen it on shelves at used game shops. I might have to seek that one out.

    Also, JEALOUS! I wish I could get my wife back into console gaming. She dabbles in Diablo III on PC, but she hasn’t played console games with me since Tekken 3 and Virtual On. She loves her Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, but coop games (other than the Diablo series or Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds) aren’t something she has had much interest in for years. Oh well, enjoy that aspect of your relationship 🙂

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