Sonic and Me

With this week dedicated to the blue hedgehog, here’s my personal experiences of his games over the years.


Not a lot.


I did not own a Megadrive (Genesis) until 2013. I was Nintendo through and through in the 1990s. In fact the first Sonic game I ever owned was Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, and even then my VMU was too full to save my progress.


Did anyone actually read this?


But I’ve played a lot of Sonic in emulation over the years. I even played the nGage version, when a friend loaned me his – I stood there in the bar for half an hour before handing it back.

My favourite Sonic game has to be Spinball. I’m a pinball fan and I like how the theme is wrapped around the table features. It’s one of the original carts I own, although my best ever score was in emulation when I finally completed the first level. That was achieved on my JXD s7800, a great Android device for emulation since it has physical buttons and a D-pad.

Sonic Spinball - Bouncing

Hands up if you spent ages bouncing here!

I also dabbled with two recent interpretations. I got Sega Superstar Tennis for the Wii. Lots of familiar Sega mascots put in an appearance, along with some fun mini-games. It’s not the greatest tennis game (I’d rather play Wii Sports or Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast) but it has that bright blue sky Sega feeling. I also downloaded Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing on the iPad. Once again it’s a bright and fun game with clever themed courses. Both these recent titles were devised by Sumo Digital, based here in the UK.

At various retro events I’ve picked up the pad and played Sonic. On my to buy list are some of the compilations he appeared on as well. There’s Sonic Jam sitting upstairs for my Saturn too, and I’ve barely started playing that. I’d also like to track down Sonic Pinball Party for GBA, since this is another I’ve emulated and enjoyed.

Perhaps the Sonic game I have spent the most time with has to be the DS incarnation, Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood. This is actually a roleplaying game developed by BioWare. I really enjoyed the exploration sections of the game, but for me the combat was not as interesting or varied as the Mario RPGs over the years. The graphics are what really drew me in, a cohesive cartoon style with depth.

Now I own a Megadrive I do play Sonic on it. But there are many other titles I want to discover, so the hedgehog will have to wait his turn…





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  1. I hate pinball, but I loved Spinball. Not sure I’ve played much of any Sonic game since the Genesis. I’ve heard…bad things 🙁

    • There are certainly bad moments, but Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic All-Stars Racing and the 2D games on both GBA and DS are all definitely worth playing.

  2. sonic pinball was fun because it actually did have a story…

  3. Glad to see that you appreciate the Superstars Tennis game. I think it’s really underrated as it’s actually quite a bit of fun.

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