Which is the Better Super Mario Bros 2? | Video Game Faceoff! | Mario 2 vs The Lost Levels

This took far too long to finish, but I’m happy with the output. Sorry about the crotch shot!

Yes, I DO like hard video games. So don’t get the impression that I don’t. I didn’t have the patience for them as a youngster, but I definitely do now. I really enjoyed The Lost Levels this time through, but I wanted to take a look at is as I would have back then, in the late 80s when I would have played it for the first time. I guess I should have made that clear in the video, huh? 😀

I gotta thank Aggro Sky for recording his VO the night I started editing this and JD for loaning me his amazing Mario and Luigi drawings.

Aggro Sky AKA Shmup Master: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDsrpcOgjfvhWCI1_daIAnA

JD from The True and Honest:

Super Mario Bros 2 Commercial:

Yumi Kojo ’87 Commercial:

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  1. Personally, I’ve always been glad that we got “our” SMB2, versus Lost Levels. The “real” Mario 2 isn’t a BAD game, per say….it was just incredibly uninspired. It was basically a rushed sequel to a game Nintendo realized made them a ton of cash, and it was painfully obvious that Miyamoto was far too busy off making better games (Zelda, Doki Doki Panic), and that he DIDN’T work on the sequel to his masterpiece.

    I think Nintendo made the right, albeit odd choice to retrofit Doki and give us Mario in Subcon. When I first rented it as a child, after playing and loving SMB1 and SMB3, I fully admit my initial reaction was “what the fuck is this shit? THIS isn’t Mario!”, because it played differently. But it also grew on me eventually, I got my own copy, and I love the game now.

    I still prefer the traditional SMB3 type experience, but at the same time, I would really love to have another ACTUAL romp in Subcon with Mario and the gang. They really had an opportunity with Mario 3D World to do just that, and missed it. That game had SO many subtle hints of SMB2 in it. All it needed was for the land you went to, to be Subcon, and for them to include WART and a few other SMB2 baddies, like Fryguy, or Mouser. Wart REALLY needs to make an official Nintendo comeback somehow, and it would be great to be able to play him and Mouser in the next Mario Kart. Just sayin.

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