Scaredy Nim Plays – Resident Evil Gaiden part 9

Hello fearless frogs! Last time on RE Gaiden, Barry had been poisoned after a quick tussle with a female zombie. Leon handed him a purple herb to heal both his poison status and some of his health, and with that, Barry was feeling much better and the guys were ready to move on.

Leaving the piano bar, Barry takes the west door out of the hallway and finds himself once again in the lobby area of the ship.


But this time it’s been taken over by the ladies!


So many ladies. They must be Leon fangirls.

Barry makes for the stairs, headed toward the elevators. They had decided last time that they would head to the security room to see if they could find Lucia on any of the monitors.

But Leon stops Barry before he heads upstairs, stating he could use a drink if they could find something that looked safe. Barry remembers the kitchen down on the first floor. He takes Leon down there.

While Leon rummages around the kitchen looking for something non-toxic, Barry goes back in the refrigerator room to see what he can find.


He sees something sticking out of the boxes that he had missed before. He reaches in to find…



Barry pumps his fists in excitement and runs back through the kitchen, grabbing Leon who was chugging a bottle of water.

We’ve encountered grenade launcher ammo we were unable to pick up in two spots so far.

One was right outside the kitchen, in the restaurant area.



Got it!

The second was back in the shop where Barry was playing as the Merchant in the last part of RE Gaiden.


We now have a decent amount of grenade launcher ammo, hooray!

Other ammo, we are not doing so well on right now. Barry suggests exploring further using some of the other keys we’ve picked up. Leon reluctantly agrees, knowing it would be bad to go into a fight with Mr. Tyrant nipples without a good supply of ammo and healing items.

Right now, Barry has the Library Key and the Medical Key. He remembers seeing a sign for the library back on the west end of the ship. They head back through the lobby and western hallway until Barry is in front of the library.


More ladies in the library!


After killing the zombies and digging around, Barry finds another key.


The most lavish key he’s found by far!

Also nearby is a new file.



Umm okay


Still not REALLY seeing why we need to go there, but that’s fine.

The door that was next to the library also happens to be locked, so Barry tries the Medical key. It works!


Inside, he finds a much gloomier room than the library.


But he also finds some herbs, bullets, and another Diamet armor for Leon. Definitely worth the trip.

Well, should we look for the Lounge area to use the other key we just found?

After wandering around for some time, Barry finds the locked door to the Lounge in a third floor corridor near the elevators.


The lounge is a rather large area, stretching all the way to the western end of the ship. Barry kills a zombie near the window so he can look out in peace for a moment, but he sees nothing but a dark, flat sea.

Turning back toward the ship interior, something on the zombie catches Barry’s eye.


The zombie had a key card! More keys = more fun right?


Okay now this one actually sounds like it will be pretty helpful and hopefully will not just lead us to another key.

Before leaving the lounge, Barry and Leon split up to check the rest of the area.

In the lounge kitchen (mentioned in that Kitchen file earlier), Barry finds yet another horde of female zombies. Where are all the guys lately?

Anyway, the last zombie lady is holding something.




It’s another key!

Well, if it’s a first class cabin, maybe there will be something really good in there.

Barry meets back up with Leon, who had found a few bullets and healing items around and on zombies. Every little bit helps!

Barry shows Leon the key to the first class cabin, and they agree to make one more stop there before heading up to the security room.


They run through the lobby, up to the second floor, and back to first class. (Notice that the zombies have patched up the wall between the elevators where Mr. Tyrant nipples had busted through before. That was nice of them!)

Barry quickly finds the locked door in first class.


Inside, he finds another lavishly-decorated room with a purple female zombie.


In the vanity, we find another disappointment…



Well, we will be back later…

Feeling good about their item stock, Barry and Leon head back to the stairs and head up to the top floor of the ship.

TONS of female zombies at the pool, and they are all just falling over themselves to get to the guys. Pull yourself together, ladies!

Barry mistakes the security room and finds himself barging in the women’s locker room.


Come on, Barry, really??

But he finds another pack of grenade rounds in the locker, so maybe this is a good room to explore. He sneaks past the showering zombie and heads to the stalls in the back.


Bad idea Barry! He is attacked by a zombie lady lurking in the shadows.

He rushes back out of the locker room, and heads into the correct door for the security room.


Let’s see what we can find on those monitors!


Well, that was fast! Good eye, Leon.


Yeah… you’d think it would have killed her right away, but it appears to be carrying her carefully.



Have to admit, I am wondering this as well!

Leon isn’t.





I’m with Barry on this one, sorry Leon. But Leon has more to his argument.




Well, this is definitely a warning flag for a mysterious video game character’s background.





Perfectly normal, I’m sure.


We saw that earlier in the Tyrant fight on the deck. Barry was surprised to see she hadn’t been hurt although the Tyrant had grabbed her.


This is not a good sign checklist:

[x] Orphan

[x] Unexplainable powers

[x] Bullied by local kids growing up




They sent her on her own? Or did her foster family turn into zombies? Either way… Let’s just go ahead and add that to the checklist.


But what if the orphanage was somehow connected with Umbrella? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was with what Umbrella’s done in the past. Hmm…


Well, Barry, tell us how you really feel!


We will leave the two to their squabbling and find out how to best save Lucia next time on RE Gaiden!

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  1. it’s zombie ladie’s night here in RE gameboy color world 😛

  2. I’m with Barry. As soon as I saw Lucia, I immediately thought “It’s her. She’s the cause of all this.” I hope to find out if I’m right soon.

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