Making Sega Great Again | #MakeSegaGreatAgain

Sega is a company that needs help. But who will help guide them with solid advice to bring back their time of greatness in the video game industry? I will be that man. With your help we can #MakeSegaGreatAgain!

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  1. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s possible. Sega DID used to be great. But they dug themselves a grave when they fucked up with the Saturn (which I personally feel was their best console, or had the potential to be), and then Dreamcast consecutively. They have honestly never put out a GREAT game since going third party. A lot of their talent left, and much like modern Capcom, Square, Konami, Namco, etc., they are a shell of their former selves.

    One of the only reasons I’ve stuck with Nintendo all these years, is because they’re one of the very few (old guard) left, who still actually put out decent, or once in awhile even great games.

  2. well they are releasing their 3d remakes in physical form on the 3ds…. its a step in the right direction…

  3. I think the best point here is suggesting that Sega simply become a publisher. Find, cultivate, and publish other studios work rather than financing their own projects.
    As I understand it, most of Segas talent is gone, and simply reviving a franchise internally may be impossible at this point as the series themselves haven’t been on anyone’s radar there for a long time.
    However, by becoming a beacon for indie publishing, Sega could build a tight knit community of enthusiastic developers that might become a good, contemporary fit for licensing their IP to.
    To me, that might be Segas best bet. Thing is, does Sega even WANT to be great again?

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