Video Game Twins: 24 Characters You Didn’t Know Were Twins (PHOTOS)

Just like regular people, sometimes video game characters are born with a twin. We’ll be avoiding the obvious ones here, like Dante and Virgil, Kitana and Mileena, Henry Cooldown and Travis Touchdown, and John Madden and Donald Trump, as well as the Snake quadruplets, Liquid Snake, Solid Snake, Gaseous Snake, and Plasmic Snake.


Luigi and John Leguizamo


Everyone knows Luigi is Mario’s brother, but did you know John Leguizamo is also Mario’s younger brother and Luigi’s twin? Now casting him in the live action Super Mario Bros movie, which launched John’s career, makes a lot more sense. John chose to change his name when he got to Hollywood, opting for Leguizamo because he “didn’t want to come off as too Italian.”

Kirby the Hutt and Jabba the Hutt


These two prove that not all twins are exactly alike. In fact, their extreme personality differences explain why neither is ever found talking about the other, let alone mentioning the fact they’re related. We wouldn’t even know if it wasn’t for the 1997 paternity suit involving Kirby and Lala from the Adventures of Lolo series. When DNA tests showed that Kirby was a match for Lala’s son, he was forced to admit there was another explanation that would exhonerate him. The court documents were sealed until recently, but they show Jabba was in fact the real father.

Zeke Holland & Brian Dexter Holland


This one’s obvious by just looking at them. Zeke starred in Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Brother Dexter is a molecular biologist who collects stamps and was once the lead singer of a band that released 3 spectacularly amazing albums (The Offspring’s self titled album, Ignition, & Smash) before releasing an experimental series of albums exploring the realm of garbage in musical form.

Cool Spot & Red M&M

Cool Spot+Red M&M

Another obvious entry once you see them side by side. Fun fact, their parents are The Noid and a box of Domino’s Pizza. No one knows what happened to the third sibling. (See image below).

The Noid and his wife

Vulpix & Miles “Tails” Prower


Vulpix might not be as famous as twin Miles, but that just because instead of eating chili dogs with Sonic, Vulpix chose to study science, which is how he met earlier entry Dexter Holland. They’re younger brother, Shippō, starred in Inuyasha until he left the show to focus on kicking his drug habit.

Tommy Wiseau & Wooden Sign #3 from Ocarina of Time

Tommy Wiseau+Wooden Sign from Ocarina of Time

These boys’ resemblance is uncanny, from their rough features and square jaw line to their flat, blank, expressionless faces and clumsy, wooden movements.

Brent Rambo & Commander Keen

Brent Rambo+Commander Keen

Brent hoped to follow his brother into superstardom, but failed to even get cast in the Mighty Ducks movie. Meanwhile, Keen never managed to continue his early PC gaming success. Lately, providing more evidence that some twins just do everything together, the brothers both cecked into the same clinic to receive treament for their sex addiction.

Bucky O’Hare & Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller

Bucky O'Hare+Buckminster Fuller

Bucky O’Hare, born Bucket O’Hare Fuller, and Buckminster Fuller, also nicknamed Bucky, were both famous for their heads, which they used to advance space travel and justice for the former, science and architecture for the later, and to just plain be fuzzy for both of them. Seriously, they both had fuzzy heads. It’s hilarious.


Rick Taylor & Englebert Humperdinck

Rick Taylor+Englebert Humperdinck

While most people think Rick, the star of the Splatterhouse series, is related to Jason Vorhees and Casey Jones, he is in fact the twin brother of British pop singer, Englebert Humperdinck, who changed his name from Taylor to Humperdinck in order to be taken more seriously.

Crash Bandicoot & Steve Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot_Steve Bandicoot

Everyone knows Crash, the Australian video game sensation, but how many know his twin brother? Well, he’s not famous or anything. His name is Steve. Fuck you, Steve.

Ecco the Dolphin & Jeff Goldblum

Ecco the Dolphin+Jeff Golblum

Hey, both are known to make men and women wet with excitement, have a strange laugh, and were married to Geena Davis in the 80s. They also happen to be twins, with Ecco being the older sibling (by 7 minutes).

Seaman Dafoe & Willem Dafoe

Seaman+Willem Dafoe

I had to cheat a little here because these two are fairly well-known twins. Their rubbery features and cold dead eyes have been making people’s souls shit their pants in discomfort and sheer existential dread. Both parents, the doctor, and three nurses present at the birth committed suicide when, instead of crying, the two newborns just stared at each other and laughed maniacally.

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