Test Your Might: AKA Dude Just @#*! Off…Seriously.

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So, you guys want a treat? I decided to put up an early recording of me trying to play through the original arcade version of Mortal Kombat 1. And similar to my SNES Street Fighter II play through, eventually shit gets real. Too real.

Raw, no edits, just me, a mic, and a game, and some genuinely fucked AI.


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  1. man, looking back that game was kinda……ok

    • Oh yeah. It’s very ok. Even fun. It’s just that the physics are very wonky, and the AI can be a real asshole. They fixed the physics in the sequels. The AI is still a jerk in 2, however, in 3, even though I loved Ultimate MK3 when it originally came out, they turned that shit up to 11 then. Trying to beat Shao Kahn in the arcade on that was nightmare fuel. In MK2, he was tough, but beatable. In MK3, he was the physical embodiment of cheap fighting game bosses.

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