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So with 2 hours to go today, in Skirmish Frogs celebration of the PlayStation, I finally find time to sit down and just babble for a moment.

First, my name is Jason Dvorak, and I’m Sony’s Official Biggest PlayStation Fan. Certified. You can grab the demo from this issue of Official PlaySmadden opmtation Magazine and see me being awarded the honor in my youth (read: pre-30s. >_>). My reason for being a Sony PlayStation fan boy – strictly original PS – is one of many reasons. I started collecting the system’s library because at the time everyone else was going balls deep for NES stuff. You could find PlayStation games insanely cheap, and most of the final releases were $10. It was a gamer’s AND collector’s paradise.

Then something magical happened; I started to appreciate the library as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, there are bonafide amazing games like Metal Gear, Street Fighter, Gran Tursimo, and whatever other Top 25 cliches you want to toss out. But for me, there’s appreciation for the Street Fighter: The Movies, the Big Strike Bowlings, the Tall Infinities and more.

I’ve joked that is “My hobby that justifies my other hobby.” It comes from the belief that if you actually own a full set, by god you better damn play it. But more importantly, share that love with other people. It’s why I do GameRaveTV and Pause Mode they way I do. Let others be pretend angry about something. I’m here to share, educate, and have most importantly – fun.

If you’ve never seen my videos or site, I figured I’d pick out some of my favorite videos, or ones that I felt most accomplished about.

Here’s to the PlayStation.


The 20th Anniversary Playlist:
Whether it’s every PSX Game in 1 Widescreen video, or every game in 5 separate 4:3 videos, it’s every PSX ever. Plus some crazy little seen items like the Online CD and my discussion of the launch line-up.

(Separate ‘Every PSX Game” Videos Here:

Ford Demo: It took roughly 4 years to finally figure out and track down this demo…

Greatest Hits: I love ’em. No lie. Big shiny green thing and all.

My love of cases: Being a graphic designer has it’s perks, like showing off how much you love game case aesthetics.

Back to alphabetizing PlayStation games….


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