How Many Games Have You Beaten in Your Favourite Series?

What are your favourite video game series? What video game series have you beaten the most games in? I asked myself these questions and thought that for the most part, both lists would be fairly similar. Some of what I found was what I expected, but there were some huge surprises as well.

A Winner is You

This all started on Twitter. I forget who I was discussing it with, but the topic was Final Fantasy. At some point, I admitted two things: Final Fantasy is one of my all-time favourite series; I have only beaten 3 Final Fantasy games. It’s that last one that got to me. 3? Seriously? Damn, how many Zelda games, or Sonic games, or Castlevania games have I beaten?

So, I started making a list. It was easy, since thanks to, I had already listed every game I had beaten, give or take a couple DOS games or a bad NES game or two I beat two to three decades ago. I wanted to do this before I got too far into Game Overkill, since it will likely severely alter this list because I will be playing a lot of games other people think everyone should play, as opposed to games from series I’ve chosen to play because I, myself, was interested in them.

Anyway, I decided to share the list, but before getting to the big ones, let’s start with at the bottom.

Katamari Damacy - Prince

2 Games Beaten

  • Doom: The original and Doom 64.
  • Wolfenstein: Wolfenstein 3D and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Shining Force: Both the original and its sequel on the Genesis.
  • Katamari: Katamari Damacy and Katamary Forever.
  • Army Men: Both Sarge’s Heroes games for the N64.
  • Punch-Out!!: I hated both, but I beat the NES original and the one for the Wii.
  • DuckTales: I beat the original as a kid and the sequel last summer.
  • Tony Hawk: Number 2 and 4.
  • Diablo: The first two.
  • Devil May Cry: The first two. Haven’t played any of the others, though I want to.
  • Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2. LOVED them.
  • God of War: The first two. Can’t bring myself to play any others. Honestly, one was enough. Let it die.
  • Uncharted: 2 and 3. Not as bad as how I feel about God of War, but close. Two was enough.
  • Gauntlet: Unfortunately, not the first one on the NES. Legends and Dark Legacy.
  • Rescue Rangers: Are there any other than the two on the NES?
  • Fallout: 3 and New Vegas
  • Infamous: 1 and 2. Lots of fun.

 Police Quest - Office

3 Games Beaten

  • Final Fantasy: I’ve beaten the original, VIII, and X. I don’t give a shit what people say, VIII is one of my all-time favourite games. Top 5. Loved the other two as well. I’ve started VII once and Tactics at least three times. They’re fun…for a short while. I think I started VI once, or was it II. Still, it is one of my favourite series. I was kind of shocked I’d beaten so few. This will change in the next few years.
  • Jak & Daxter: I loved the first three in the main series on the PS2. I got a PS2 late, since it was my brothers’ and I was no longer living at home. When they let me take it with me to Montréal, I got the games from my wife on our first Christmas there. Enjoyed how they weren’t just the same game over and over (looking at you, Ratchet & Clank).
  • Police Quest: This was my first surprise. THREE POLICE QUEST GAMES? Yeah, how could I forget? I loved those games. I beat the first three. I’d go to my friend’s house. He had a computer a long time before I did and had pretty much every game, but he kind of really sucked at them, so he’d get me to come over and beat them for him. I should play these again sometime, and try the others too.
  • Ninja Gaiden: The original trilogy is so freaking amazing. I go back to them every once in a while, especially the second, and beat them again.
  • Sly Cooper: I went to EB Games and they had the HD collection, brand new, for $10. I’d never played them before and knew pretty much nothing about them. They were alright. Not great, but alright.
  • Shinobi: I could cheat and put them at the “4 Games Beaten” tier, but the NES and SMS versions are essentially the same game. Shinobi III on the Genesis is a perfect game. The first one on the PS2 was fun too.
  • Contra: Speaking of perfect games, Contra on the NES might be the most perfect game ever made. Super C and Contra: Hards Corps are fun too.

 Adventure Island - Gameplay

4 Games Beaten

  • Adventure Island: I’ve always liked this series. 6 to 7 years ago, I decided to beat 100 games in one year. I beat the first four, the last of which being the first Famicom game I’d ever beaten. The first one probably took as long to beat as the other three combined.
  • Metroid: This one surprised me a little. I never liked the original, but I eventually beat it. The sequels I beat (Super Metroid, Zero Mission, and Fusion) were much better.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Now, I might’ve dissed this series slightly in my comments on Jak & Daxter, but I still loved these games. The original, A Crack in Time, Up Your Arsenal, and Going Commando are just pure fun. There’s nothing deep or intellectual about them. Just shooting stuff with your ridiculous weapons.

 Castlevania - Simon's Quest - Flame Whip

5 Games Beaten

  • Castlevania: Now this is one of my favourite series. The NES trilogy is amazing, and Aria of Sorrow and Symphony of the Night are as well. I don’t think there’s another series where I’ve absolutely loved every single game I’ve played. It is my most-loved series in terms of quality. I absolutely need to play some of the other games.
  • Grand Theft Auto: I played the first two, but only for a bit. They were fun. No idea if they are games you can beat. GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, I’ve beaten and really enjoyed. IV was total garbage. V was better, but the series peaked with San Andreas.

 Sonic Spinball - Bouncing

6 Games Beaten

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: 1, 2, 3, Knuckles, Spinball, and Advance. Advance was alright, but the other five are great. I particularly love Spinball. That game doesn’t get enough respect. I was a little surprised there weren’t more I’ve beaten.
  • Space Quest: This was the one that shocked me. I had completely forgotten about Space Quest. There was a time, likely between 1992 to 1999, where I played a lot of computer games, so it’s strange how I have a lot of trouble remembering the computer games I played during that time. When I think of my playing games during that span, I see myself sitting in front of the TV with a controller in my hand, not at the computer with a mouse and keyboard. Yet, here it is. I loved the Space Quest games and I beat the first six.

 Zelda II - Bits and Bots

7 Games Beaten

  • Mega Man: The six for the NES and the one for the N64. 2, 3, and Legends are great. The original and 4 are also fun. As for 5 and 6…the first four for the NES were more than enough.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Zelda has been overshadowed by its sequels, but it was a great game itself. Zelda II is my all-time favourite game. Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Oracles of Seasons, and Minish Cap are all great games. In terms of quantity, this is my most loved series.

 Mario 2 - Princess - Sand

14 Games Beaten

  • Mario: As if this wasn’t the case for most gamers. That fucking plumber has been in so many games, too many if you ask me. They’re mostly fun, but I have little emotional attachment to the games, unlike most of the other series listed here. I’ve played Mario Bros. on the Atari 2600 enough to consider it beaten, even though it never really ends. SMB 1, 2 (my favourite), and 3 (arguably the best NES game, which I say despite liking 2 more), SMW, SMW 2 (a.k.a., the terrible Yoshi’s Island), Mario 64, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario All-Stars (or I could just list Lost Levels by itself), Super Mario 64, the original Mario Party, NSMB Wii, and Mario Kart Wii round out the remaining 13. Other than Yoshi’s Island, I enjoyed all of them to some extent. “Enjoy” is the right word here, since many of these I didn’t “love.” They were fun enough to play once and recommend to others, but that’s about it.


So, that’s it. Every series in which I’ve beaten at least two games. It was kind of a fun experiment. Some surprises, but mostly reminders that I should really play some of the other games from the series I love. Also, considering I’ve beaten 260 games, I sure have beaten a lot of games without ever beating another from the series. I expected more entries at all levels. But that’s enough about me, I’m curious about you. What series have you beaten the most games in? Does it match what you consider to be your favourite series? Share in a comment, or better yet, write up your own post. I’d love to see what you folks have got to show for all your years of gaming so far.

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  1. Mario: SMB1-3, Lost Levels, M64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1&2, New Super Wii, Yoshi Island (if you’re counting that), SM World Mega Man: 1-3, 8, X1 and X5 and Legends. There are more but I would have to write it out (it’s super long).

    • You never know. I thought my list would’ve been much longer, but it turns out I’ve beaten a lot of single games from a lot of series.

  2. Very interesting. I don’t have a long list because I never really beat games as a kid, and there was a huge period in my life where all I played was sports and wrestling games.

    3 Games Beaten
    Shining Force: Shining Force, Shining Force 2, Shining Force Sword of Hajya – You know my love for all things Shining Force, so I don’t need to elaborate here.

    2 Games Beaten
    Mario: I’ve only beaten Super Mario 3D Land, and New Super Mario Bros. U. It’s sad that of all the Mario titles out there, these are the only two that I’ve actually completed front to back. I’ve been so close in many, but haven’t got there yet.

    The Legend of Zelda: This is probably only technically ‘one’ as I’ve completed the original on the NES and Hyrule Warriors. Not sure of HW counts, but I’m counting it only so I can add another to this list.

    Final Fantasy: Aside from Final Fantasy VI and the original on Game Boy Advance, I haven’t completed any others. I’ve got a good run going on FFIV, but am kinda stuck in one spot. I should probably get back to it so I can move it up the list.

    There’s many I want to add. I’m an RPG junkie, so it makes this list harder to add to. I’ve finished both Breath of Fire and Lufia, but would love to add the sequels at some point. My goal is (as you know) to finish AT LEAST one Zelda game in 2016. Fire Emblem will also count towards those totals when I complete both iterations coming out later this month.

    Neat idea. I’m curious to see how many more people have lists like this.

  3. Yeah, JRPGs that take 60+ hours to beat aren’t like platformers that take 30 minutes, but I beat a lot of those platformers when I was pretty young, so they likely took 60 hours before I finally beat them.

    I’d count Hyrule Warriors, especially when I count Mario Kart as a Mario game 😉

  4. Nice article!

    2 Games Beaten – The first two Monkey Island games. Granted, I only played them when they were ported and given a facelift for the XBLM however I fell in love with both games – was a shame they did not do the others from the series. But without a doubt my favourite franchise to have completed two games with

    Mario – like you say too many too count but *deep breath* here goes: SMB/SMB 2/SMB 3, Mario is Missing (NES) Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Mario 64, Mario Party 1/2/4/5/8/10, Mario Kart’s in all guises…it’s too many! Whether it is due to the accessibility of playing Mario games, or just the amount Nintendo have produced I cannot answer. I completely agree with SMB2 being the favourite, I do adore the game ahead of SMB3!

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