Retro Revelations: 20 Years of Life and Entertainment Pt. 1

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So near the end of last year, I decided “hey, you know, people do these ‘best game of the year'” type lists, so seeing as how I really don’t do that kind of thing much, I figured I’d give it a whirl for once. I initially set out to JUST make a “Best of 2015” list, with the categories being Movie, Game, Album, and Song.

But in true Jesse fashion, it suddenly struck me that “HEY, instead of just doing that for 2015, why not go back a few years?” And that of course snowballed into what the project finally shaped up to be: Me taking on the task of looking back and trying determine (either from memory or by looking at release lists) just what my favorite things or vote for best things were for EACH year, for 20 Years!

That’s right. Because I’m fuckin crazy. So I did it. It was a side project that took me a couple weeks, doing it here and there. And lemme tell ya….it was fun but arduous research. It took awhile, both to research and make the list, and THEN to get around to actually tackling the monster that is writing an article about this whole endeavor. Except that’s when I realized, by the time I had gotten about three years deep, that “dude, you’re fucking crazy”, and fully understood just how enormous this project really was. We’re talking about picking fav./best things from 1995 all the way up through 2015, after all. And in true Jesse fashion, I didn’t decide to JUST make a simple list. I made a whole article, a whole narrative out of the project, talking about where I was in my life, as well as the entertainment that positively affected me during those years.

So what I wound up deciding, even though I had the initial (and foolish) notion to just bust it all out and one long mega-article……that it would be a LOT easier for me to write, and probably a LOT easier for most readers to digest, if I broke it up into chunks instead. So after a tiny bit of deliberation, I decided to do it in fourths, and so this first article, Pt. 1, covers 1995-1999. Which, in and of itself was an extra fun journey, because between you, me, and the internet, the 90s (and obviously 80s) were for the most part WAY better (except for internet speeds and 3D graphics), whether we’re talking games, comics, movies, music, the overall fuckin’ social climate, you name it. My PERSONAL life as a teen wasn’t often fantastic. But the quality of various entertainment was FAR higher, as far as I’m concerned.

So without further fanfare, here’s Part. 1. And I’ll be attempting to deliver Pts. 2-4 in February, so Stay Tuned!

Best of the Best: 20 Years in Life and Entertainment Pt. 1

As a brief sneak peak of what you can expect in the article, here are a few “teaser” images!




Mario Kart 64


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